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Open Rise Staircases

Open Rise Staircase

At Floor To Floor, we design, manufacture and install open rise staircases. We work with a variety of clients, both domestic and commercial. Open rise staircases are becoming more and more popular, especially in smaller apartments / rooms.

Open rise stairs are where the rise (the gap between each step) is open as opposed to closed off, meaning you can see between each step.

Open Rise staircases can really help to open up a room and allow more light to flood in. You will generally see a lot of open rise staircases in modern and contemporary homes. Open rise staircases come in a huge range of designs and everything can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Our team understand that there can be a lot to consider when choosing a stairs, what material you want, the cost, how safe it is for your home / business etc.

We manufacture stairs from a huge range of woods, including American White Ash, White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Red Deel etc.

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